Just A Big Kid

My birthday week has been great fun. I did exactly what I set out to do which was have fun like a big kid. 

I partied hard in Orlando like the true kid I am and just had a blast with family and friends. 

Here are some photos from my 30th birthday week of celebrations. Other than having to deal with several delayed and canceled flights because of weather in Chicago, things were pretty smooth. Leaving 80 degree sunshine for a 30 degree snowstorm certainly put things into perspective. I’ve had about enough, Chicago! 

Resort Palm Trees always make vacations better

Medieval Times

Medieval Times

Universal Studios – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios

Universal Studios – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios Macy’s Holiday Parade

Paint Nite Orlando

Paint Nite Orlando

Disney World

Visiting with family, being serenaded by that talented piano player

Wine Tasting Fun

Snow storm in Chicago

Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a great week!

Something to Celebrate 

This will be a semi- short post because I need to get some rest before an early morning flight tomorrow. I also took Benadryl to calm my allergies down so no doubt I’ll be sleep in a matter of minutes.

I know Thanksgiving was last month but my list of things to be thankful for continues. Friends, family and my boyfriend who all care and love me is worth celebrating for sure.

In a couple days I leave my 20s behind forever and I’m not worried about it, scared for it or dreading it. My goal is to get even better with each year. I am excited for what the future has to offer and I know 30 will bring new ideas and goals and challenges to push past. It will have ups and downs as every year does. I look forward to laughing more, being more bold, traveling more, doing more of what I love personally and professionally, exploring new business ideas and living my best life.

I am grateful for the people who I am surrounded by. They help make my years on this earth amazing because they give a damn and I can feel that.

This past week, one of my best friends came from across the country for a visit. I spent time with my family. My incredible boyfriend threw a surprise birthday lunch for me at my job with the help of several of my good friends.

I believe that what you reap, you sow. I felt so much love this week in tiny and huge ways that I truly hope it’s because I give love. I want it in the air around me, in how I speak, think, live.

I will run past a new birthday knowing more of what I want in this life and going after it.

When I set intentions and goals, I take it seriously because I know I want to build a legacy and leave a positive impression every place I go, with everyone I meet along the journey.

1986. What a Good Year

A fabulous weekend celebrating my friend’s 30th birthday. She had friends and family fly in from across the country to join the good times.

The weekend kicked off with an 80s/90s baby theme. We dressed up in different styles from the two decades. The night was complete with throwback snacks and music. 

Saturday night was a fancy evening where we snapped hundreds of photos, danced, ate delicious treats and drank tasty signature drinks. 

I had such a great time and plan to steal many ideas as I plan for my own 30th birthday coming in less than 2 months. 

Age 30 is such a milestone. It’s the leap to another side of adulthood. 

I am reminded that 30 is another beginning, a new decade and life continues on, hopefully getting better with age is the goal. 

I don’t yet have a bucket list of things to complete before I reach the milestone. I have lots of friends who have done such a thing and it always sounded so cool. Maybe I’ll make a list of things to do in my year of 30.

Either way it goes, the most important thing I am focusing on is living life to the fullest no matter the age. I am having the most fun by focusing on that.

Birthday Reflections: Another Year Older, Wiser, Bolder

Today is my birthday! It has been a great weekend filled with doing all the things I wanted to do. It was the perfect mix of fun and rest.

Every year people give well wishes on the next year to come as you reflect on the year you had.

Today when I looked at all the messages, calls, pictures I received, I felt great. This was a satisfying, dynamic year for me. I accomplished many personal and professional goals. I traveled more than I expected. I feel good about the 365 days since my last birthday.

I cracked my world wide open when I chose to become bold. I am proud I did so without losing myself. I believe the better you know yourself and take care of yourself, more doors of opportunity open. This year was a major year of growth. I made my mistakes. I learned my lessons. I embraced the good with the bad.

My next birthday will be another age milestone. Ending the decade long relationship with my 20s will be something to celebrate even though it will be sad in some ways.

Cheers to 365 more days until the next reflection. May your 365 be filled with just the right amount of lessons and mistakes to make you older, wiser and bolder.