Yes, You

“Today Wants You. It wants your ENERGY. It wants your ENTHUSIASM. Because there is MAGIC to be made. There are SPARKS to ignite. There are HUGE POSSIBILITIES hidden in plain sight. Today wants you to TURN UP THE VOLUME on the GOOD THINGS. The IMPORTANT THINGS. The WONDERFUL THINGS that you can already see. YES, YOU.”

For 4-5 months now I have been subscribing to the Calmbox so every month I get 5-7 things to promote calm in my life. 

I’m a big fan of peace so this is one of the best purchases I ever made. 

I want to share about a product I got last month because the concept is so cool. I think especially in Feb, the month of love, sharing with others, celebrating them, encouraging them is so important. 

Compendium created this cute little box of cards. The call it the 20 cards to help you change things for the better. Small cards with HUGE possibilities. 

Each card is like a small business card with a simple positive message on it. 

Their idea is…One person, one message, one moment at a time. You carry the cards with you. They are small enough to easily fit in a pocket. It’s harmless, positive messages to give to a friend or stranger or leave someplace to share some unexpected joy.

One of my favorite comments about the product is this: “Your world is about to change. Because you’re about to change it.”

I have given these out to people who might need a word of encouragement. I have passed them on to restaurant servers, friends and people on the street.

The world can always use more smiles and sparks of love, acts of kindness. Get out there and do good things!


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Life Untangled

I am a Chicago business professional with a passionate love for writing and living life out loud. I created this lifestyle blog to motivate and inspire aspirational individuals who want to live their best version of life without fear. My goal is to empower people all over the world to create lives of joy, success and freedom through personal and professional development. Life moves far too quickly for us not to enjoy the journey. This is to untangling life, love, liberty and the pursuit of peace and happiness. There are many lessons I have learned to embrace when it comes to life, love and work in our culturally rich world. I want to share what I have learned so it can encourage you to live your best version of life. Plus, I'm a social introvert so I am always thinking about things like how to destroy negative stereotypes around being courageous and brave enough to live life to the fullest, sometimes on your own. There is no need for you to wait on someone else in order to live YOUR life! It is exciting and thrilling. You have that level of brave in you no matter your personality type and I dare you to live it out loud! Are you ready to learn how?

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