Remember Why You Started 

The last two weeks I been slacking. I haven’t felt like writing. Sunday morning and night rolls by. I just don’t want to sit in one spot and make it happen. 

I have been working through things in my life concerning work, relationships, family, health, finances and more… I have spent more time with my family especially following my mom’s recent hip replacement surgery…I have been planning upcoming events for my family and friends to enjoy next month, namely, a baby shower for my sister and brother-in-law and one of my annual holiday celebrations… My boyfriend and I have been committing deeper in our spiritual life as we choose to grow togther and support one another even better through our relationship with God…I have been thinking more about vlogging and if YouTube is a new platform I should explore for different kinds of content I am eager to share… I have feelings of anxiousness about the future… I have been tired or lazy or distracted or full of a million reasons (or excuses depending on perspective) whether legit or not on why I didn’t write…how long will I be in Chicago.

If you can’t tell, my brain is swirling with activity. All these things might seem random but to me they tell the collective story that my head is all over the place. I need to re-focus and re-balance. Notice I didn’t say I need to figure it all out, right now though I am working on figuring some things out.

In just 59 days, this new year has certainly brought a lot of reflection on my work, life, health, finances, etc so I can make choices that help me grow. Each of these areas has its own set of joys and challenges. Some days are fun and others are stressful. 

I’m still navigating to determine where does this point of my life and career lead next as I really have begun reflecting on when is the time to move forward and to what next as the big questions for age 30 and beyond. 

I have been listening to more webinars about entrepreneurship, wondering what that path entails for me and my family in the future. A big, scary option for now but definitely worth exploring. Similarly, thinking about taking courses or trainings to introduce new skills or sharpen old ones in my life.  I don’t desire to return to school full-time as of yet but there are plenty of available courses and certifications without needing to enroll back in school full-time. 

All of these things begin to seem more important to answer than writing a few words each week on a blog. Then I have to remind myself why I started. I started because I wanted to encourage people who read it. I wanted to encourage myself and document my journey and the lessons I both learn from others and hopefully teach along the way. I want to champion along people who may feel more regularly what I’ve felt in the past few months. I have been looking to define the challenges for some time and just saying them out loud helps. 

Right now I don’t have the plan to answer all the questions at once. I’m just going to be honest and truthful to myself that with all these things to work through, my mental, physical, spiritual and relational health is key. 

Some of my favorite business and thought leaders are Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Brand and Rosetta Thurman of the Happy Black Woman brand. They talk a lot about deciding what you want your life to be and really going after it. 

I’m okay with plans shifting and changing over time. I welcome it especially as each new day has a chance to provide more clarity. What I envisioned for my future even 2 years ago when I started this blog has become ever so slightly different now and I love that. 

I am blessed in so many ways and sometimes when life happens and you’re in the thick of it, things feel murky. Be brave enough to wade through the muck and try not to forget why you started in the first place.

Yes, You

“Today Wants You. It wants your ENERGY. It wants your ENTHUSIASM. Because there is MAGIC to be made. There are SPARKS to ignite. There are HUGE POSSIBILITIES hidden in plain sight. Today wants you to TURN UP THE VOLUME on the GOOD THINGS. The IMPORTANT THINGS. The WONDERFUL THINGS that you can already see. YES, YOU.”

For 4-5 months now I have been subscribing to the Calmbox so every month I get 5-7 things to promote calm in my life. 

I’m a big fan of peace so this is one of the best purchases I ever made. 

I want to share about a product I got last month because the concept is so cool. I think especially in Feb, the month of love, sharing with others, celebrating them, encouraging them is so important. 

Compendium created this cute little box of cards. The call it the 20 cards to help you change things for the better. Small cards with HUGE possibilities. 

Each card is like a small business card with a simple positive message on it. 

Their idea is…One person, one message, one moment at a time. You carry the cards with you. They are small enough to easily fit in a pocket. It’s harmless, positive messages to give to a friend or stranger or leave someplace to share some unexpected joy.

One of my favorite comments about the product is this: “Your world is about to change. Because you’re about to change it.”

I have given these out to people who might need a word of encouragement. I have passed them on to restaurant servers, friends and people on the street.

The world can always use more smiles and sparks of love, acts of kindness. Get out there and do good things!

The Namaste Life

I just wanted to share one of my favorite word’s of wisdom. 

I have been thinking about my health a lot lately. Thinking about how important and treasured a sound mind, body and soul can be because it impacts everything else I do. 

Yoga is the perfect, peaceful way to relieve stress and calm the mind. It is also good and challenging exercise. It brings energy and clarity for the body, mind and soul in my experience with it. I often use part of my yoga time to pray and meditate; focus or re-focus on my direction in this life. 

Whether 15 minutes or hours, every yoga practice ends with saying Namaste. The namaste life to me is keeping the attitude about how you approach people and the world with the same calm, peace and intentionally as one would the practice of yoga. 

I hope this week is full of light and love for you. Namaste.