Something to Celebrate 

This will be a semi- short post because I need to get some rest before an early morning flight tomorrow. I also took Benadryl to calm my allergies down so no doubt I’ll be sleep in a matter of minutes.

I know Thanksgiving was last month but my list of things to be thankful for continues. Friends, family and my boyfriend who all care and love me is worth celebrating for sure.

In a couple days I leave my 20s behind forever and I’m not worried about it, scared for it or dreading it. My goal is to get even better with each year. I am excited for what the future has to offer and I know 30 will bring new ideas and goals and challenges to push past. It will have ups and downs as every year does. I look forward to laughing more, being more bold, traveling more, doing more of what I love personally and professionally, exploring new business ideas and living my best life.

I am grateful for the people who I am surrounded by. They help make my years on this earth amazing because they give a damn and I can feel that.

This past week, one of my best friends came from across the country for a visit. I spent time with my family. My incredible boyfriend threw a surprise birthday lunch for me at my job with the help of several of my good friends.

I believe that what you reap, you sow. I felt so much love this week in tiny and huge ways that I truly hope it’s because I give love. I want it in the air around me, in how I speak, think, live.

I will run past a new birthday knowing more of what I want in this life and going after it.

When I set intentions and goals, I take it seriously because I know I want to build a legacy and leave a positive impression every place I go, with everyone I meet along the journey.


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Life Untangled

I am a Chicago business professional with a passionate love for writing and living life out loud. I created this lifestyle blog to motivate and inspire aspirational individuals who want to live their best version of life without fear. My goal is to empower people all over the world to create lives of joy, success and freedom through personal and professional development. Life moves far too quickly for us not to enjoy the journey. This is to untangling life, love, liberty and the pursuit of peace and happiness. There are many lessons I have learned to embrace when it comes to life, love and work in our culturally rich world. I want to share what I have learned so it can encourage you to live your best version of life. Plus, I'm a social introvert so I am always thinking about things like how to destroy negative stereotypes around being courageous and brave enough to live life to the fullest, sometimes on your own. There is no need for you to wait on someone else in order to live YOUR life! It is exciting and thrilling. You have that level of brave in you no matter your personality type and I dare you to live it out loud! Are you ready to learn how?

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