Don’t grow up, it’s a trap :)

I was raised in the 80s and 90s. Every year that I get older, I love fond memories of being a kid. 

You know when you’re a kid, you’re in such a rush to grow up. I used to think adults had it so easy. They could buy what they wanted and they didn’t have rules to follow. When I got older, I realized it wasn’t always as glamorous as I made it seem in my little brain as a child. 

1. Bills to pay

2. Still lots of rules…lol

I am fortunate to enjoy my adult life most times but I think part of it is me maintaining the sense of joy and wonder kids often have. 

I am the adult who every now and then just craves an Oscar Meyer Lunchable or Fruit Roll-up so I buy it. I love playing games and watching classic Disney movies. My boyfriend and I spend lots of time at a local arcade playing Street Fighter, Super Mario, and NBA Jams. I’m a big kid sometimes.  On the wall of that arcade in giant neon letters are the words, “Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.” 

Just the other day, my co-workers and I were going on and on about jumping double-dutch rope as kids and singing all the rhymes we used to recite. It immediately takes you back. 

Sometimes it is nice to remind yourself life can still be simple and fun if you choose to live it that way. Life doesn’t always have to be bitter and boring and complex as you drudge through just trying to survive. It can feel like adulthood is supposed to be dull and always serious but it does not have to be. Do not let growing up trap you in unhappiness.

On my Pinterest boards is full of good memories and favorite 80s/90s throwbacks. You should definitely check it out and reminisce on the good ‘ol days with me. I think you’ll like this board…

Actually just this weekend my boyfriend and I bought super soakers so we can head to the park one afternoon soon and blast each other with water for kicks. It will be a welcome relief from the extreme heat hitting the Midwest. 

At the end of this year I will exit the decade of my 20s. I had been wracking my brain about how to celebrate. Almost everyone I know jumps into that milestone with a grown and sexy theme. I thought about doing the same for a while…Fly to Miami for a wet and wild weekend vacation on the beach. Then I decided I would really rather have the kind of fun I did as a kid.

I am certainly not afraid of getting older. I do not mind “adulting” at all. I am often the mature and responsible one. Consider me a super adult some days and because of that…

…I just think little reminders that getting older does not mean you have to BE old are so important. That statement is true no matter what age you are. I choose to have tons of fun in life.

So for my birthday, I decided I want to run around a theme park and just laugh, be carefree and ring in my birthday in a totally unexpectedly perfect way. Right now my solution is a trip to Florida that includes some time at the ultimate theme park, Universal Studios.

I am in the process of planning so if you have any tips or suggestions, please send me a note. 

What favorite thing did you have or do as a kid that you wish was still a regular part of your life today (bonus points: or actually is)?

Throwback of Me and Mom

Stop, Breathe & Think: 3 Lessons in Mindfulness

Last week I downloaded this great app to assist in daily meditation. I think using time during the day to meditate is so important to wholeness and wellness. I read, pray, practice yoga, listen to music to stimulate my mind and enjoy times of silence and reflection to focus my energy and thoughts on keeping calm and stress-free as often as possible. 

Stress can truly devastate one’s mental and physical state if you don’t have things in place to de-stress on a regular basis. Helpful (not harmful) habits can create a personal space for you to thrive and let that energy radiate into the pieces and parts of your life that need you to be “on your game” at work and home.

A few months ago I was finding my health being affected by stress. When the stress started to affect my mind and body I knew I had to get back to the basics and re-instate some regular practices I had let fall off. I paid closer attention to what I was eating. I started to do a weekly gym routine and came back to practicing yoga and meditating more regularly.

In the past I have used the Headspace app and I would recommend it. Their concept is 10 minutes is all you need and they have exercises daily. Meditation and mindfulness have a lot of benefits for you and those around you. 

Think about how many people around you, you wish would spend time working on themselves so they wouldn’t drive you crazy. Haha. By taking time for yourself, you can control how you act and react in the world around you. It can make a big difference, trust me. 

I also like Stop, Breathe & Think because there are meditations of different lengths. I used it this week on my morning commute to work. I played one after another and spent time relaxing my mind before jumping into the day. It was very empowering.

Stop, Breathe & Think  is a simple tool to guide people through meditations for mindfulness and compassion. 

According to the app you can accomplish 3 things: 

Stop what you are doing. Check in with what you are thinking, and how you are feeling.


Practice mindful breathing to create space between your thoughts, emotions and reactions.


Learn to broaden your perspective and strengthen your force field of peace and calm by practicing one of the meditations.

Would you agree doing these 3 things more would help you too? I would love to hear other suggestions in the comments on what helps you. 

What do you use to refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind?

Unleash your Power for Purpose

A little over two years ago I read an Essence magazine that talked about creating vision boards and really declaring what you want in your life. I cut out lots of words and images of encouraging and empowering reminders of the positive things I wanted to attract more of in my life. 

After one year, I was totally a believer in the power of vision boards. They created the exact effect I wanted. The vision board itself didn’t make me achieve goals and hit milestones though, it provided visual and mental reminders of where I wanted to be. I still think the craziest part is I started seeing my vision come alive from year to year. 

I created a new one last year and just 7 months in, I’m amazed. Now, my life is not perfect. I am not perfect. The world around me is not perfect however when you can flip the switch to get what you want and need out of life, it feels good whenever there is a chance to celebrate the big and little moments. I have been blessed and fortunate enough in several areas to celebrate. It helps then when other areas seem to fall apart or begin to rip at the seams. I know there is something beyond the mountains of life. 

When I look at statements on my 2016 vision board like…“Write the Next Great Chapter in Your Life Story” and “Enhance Your Career” and “It’s time I make a bold move and Own it,” or “Choose Love” and “Find Your Own Paradise,” it just gets real when I consider what is happening in my life these days. 

I have enhanced my career and made fun life moves along side the man I love. I am full into the adventure God has for me. 

I may not have my life exactly planned and my purpose may not always be clear. Perhaps you have felt the same when you are not sure the ‘why’ for what is happening around you. Living in our world right now, there feels the need to perpetually ask, “Why?” 

But in partnership with that question, I also must ask, “What can I do better to live in my purpose?” My decisions and my realm of influence can open doors and minds and opportunities for who knows what. Part of my purpose is to be light and share love which can drive out darkness and hate and all the unwanted. Being in my purpose I can attract positivity, success and the right kind of challenges to prep me for my next level. It may not always be easy but it can be worth it. 

I am a couple decades into creating my legacy and determining how I will leave this earth better than I found it by owning my purpose in my own way.

I hope for you that you have the courage to be who you are meant to be and the consistent inspiration to dream, provide, advise, explore, confess, organize, support, dance, laugh, love and love again as you move through life and unleash your power for purpose. 

My Weekend with Yogi Bear

I love every opportunity to take a break and refresh. 

This weekend I took off with my family for a quick camping trip. We stayed in tents and cabins at the family-friendly Yogi Bear Campgrounds. Yes it was at times more glamping (glamour camping) than anything but we had such a blast. 

We spent a ton of time talking, laughing and actively out and about the campgrounds having fun. 

Most of the area is a cell-phone dead zone so we spent little time engrossed in our timelines and more time together.

I went fishing for the first time. We kayaked and paddle-boated. We had a pork rib cook-off complete with taste testers. I was a judge and my vote lost. We had people playing cards and dominoes, basketball and mini-golfing. We even got to be in a parade.

It is always a nice change of pace when you can keep occupied without the aid of tv, electronic devices and netflix. We really had one of the best, most relaxing, care-free weekends we have had in a while. 

I hope you make time to do the same in your life. We certainly aren’t getting any younger.